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Breaking News

  • Oct 25/05 :: Sweet Power presents at Angel Forum in Vancouver, BC -
  • Sept 30/5 :: Sweet Power finishes NRC testing of its glucose fuel cells
  • Sept 15/05 :: Sweet Power applies for US Patent 60/717,504 -

Our Technology

Sweet Power has developed a revolutionary technology to power implantable medical devices. Currently used power sources in such devices are bulky conventional batteries, which contain toxic materials and have limited life. At the end of the battery’s life, expensive surgeries (costing as much as $15,000 per operation) are necessary to replace the battery.

Sweet Power has developed a reliable glucose fuel cell to power implantable medical devices. The fuel cell uses glucose in human blood to generate electricity that can power implanted devices. The proof-of-concept of the fuel cell has been tested by NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation, and generated a voltage of 400mV and a wattage of 100nW. Our glucose fuel cell is self-sustaining, therefore, does not have to be replaced, with significant reduction in costs. The fuel cell uses nontoxic materials, and the byproducts are harmless carbon dioxide and water. We have a patent pending for the glucose fuel cell.

Because the fuel cell is fabricated using the silicon micro-machining process, it can be easily integrated with the next generation of biomedical devices called the micro electromechanical systems (MEMS). Moreover, the fuel cell can be mass-manufactured at a fabrication facility with large economies of scale as well as miniaturized almost infinitely.