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  • Oct 25/05 :: Sweet Power presents at Angel Forum in Vancouver, BC -
  • Sept 30/5 :: Sweet Power finishes NRC testing of its glucose fuel cells
  • Sept 15/05 :: Sweet Power applies for US Patent 60/717,504 -


Target Markets

North Americans spend more than a trillion dollars on healthcare. The market size for implantable medical devices is estimated to be more than $20 billion, growing at an annual rate of 10-15% . Each implantable device typically costs $20,000 of which the cost of the power supply is $500. Our estimated target market size for implantable device power supply is $1 billion per year in 2007. Some of the applications for our glucose fuel call include neuro-stimulation ($10 billion/year), diabetes ($5 billion/year), and drug delivery ($500 million/year) devices.

The implantable medical devices for blood glucose sensors and certain neuro-stimulation applications tend to be very small, and bulky batteries are unsuitable for these applications. We plan to capture a large share of these markets.

Competitive Advantage

Currently there are no micro power sources in the market for implantable medical devices. Some of the micro power sources under development have significant weaknesses. For example, enzyme based power sources (Tohoku University-Japan and University of Texas–Austin) have limited life and require frequent maintenance. Body heat powered power sources (Biomed Solutions) rely on temperature differences and are not feasible inside the human body. Lithium based micro batteries (Quallion) require frequent recharges. Most importantly, none of these power sources is compatible with MEMS devices. Our fuel cell can be easily integrated with complex integrated circuits and controls of the MEMS devices. Moreover, the fuel cell is manufactured by the silicon micro-machining process, providing easy miniaturization and economies of scale.

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The healthcare industry rapidly changing with the advent of implantable medical devices for the treatment of chronic pain, diabetes, depression, cancer, and various other diseases. The next generation of implantable medical devices requires a tiny, non-toxic, and reliable power source. Sweet Power’s glucose fuel cell has been developed to capture this opportunity. We invite you to become a part of this exciting opportunity to change the delivery of healthcare with implantable medical devices using our innovative glucose fuel cell.

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