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  • Oct 25/05 :: Sweet Power presents at Angel Forum in Vancouver, BC -
  • Sept 30/5 :: Sweet Power finishes NRC testing of its glucose fuel cells
  • Sept 15/05 :: Sweet Power applies for US Patent 60/717,504 -

Welcome to SweetPower

Sweet Power’s vision is to be the leading supplier of micro-power fuel cell for implantable medical devices. The medical devices may be used for various applications such as blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, delivery of insulin and other drugs, etc.

The mission of Sweet Power is to:

"Enable the delivery of advanced healthcare solutions by providing an implantable, self-sustaining energy source using blood glucose as the fuel."


The advantages of Sweet Power’s fuel cell over other potential competition are:

  • Continuous, long-term power supply with no need to replace or recharge
  • No toxic materials – uses naturally present glucose in blood stream
  • No toxic byproducts – the byproducts are water and carbon dioxide
  • Silicon based architecture enables easy integration with MEMS devices

The biggest advantage of Sweet Power’s fuel cell is that it is based on a silicon chip.
It can be integrated with any MEMS device easily.

Potential Applications:

  • Monitoring blood glucose levels:
    The energy generated in the fuel cell can be used to power a device that continuously monitors blood glucose.
  • Continuous blood pressure monitoring: A blood pressure monitoring device can be powered by the fuel cell.
  • Continuous drug delivery system: Certain patients, such as those suffering from cancer, may need to continuously receive medication, and the fuel cell can power such a drug delivery system.
  • Blood glucose monitoring and pumping insulin:
    For people suffering diabetes, an automatic delivery of insulin based on the continuously measured blood glucose levels is beneficial.
  • Miniature surgeries and procedures: Certain mini-surgeries such as unclogging arteries will require MEMS devices, and Sweet Power’s fuel cell can power such devices.